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Looking to Afrofuturism 3.0 | Design Indaba

With the release of the wildly successful Black Panther feature film at the beginning of this year, the concept of Afrofuturism has really come into its own in mainstream media. Never before in history have we witnessed these strong, black superheroes at the forefront of pop culture.

BSAM at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival

I live about 30 kilometres from Cannes. So when I realised that Sheree Renée Thomas, writer and editor of the Dark Matter anthology (among others) would be there to talk about Afrofuturism, I had to be there. She very graciously added me to the guest list so I could attend the panels and, very excited about the prospect, there I went.

Black Canadian artists do exist, as new arts movement shows | CBC News

Rosalind Hampton, a researcher in art education, is participating in a convention about a new black arts movement because she says she is concerned for young black Canadians' sense of self. "This perception that there are no black artists in Canada, that, as one youth told me, visual art 'isn't for black people.'

'Black Panther' movie important: founder of Canada's Black Speculative Arts Movement | The Toronto Observer

The release of the Hollywood blockbuster "Black Panther" is going to give the Black Speculative Arts Movement a tremendous boost, predicted Quentin VerCetty, artist and founder of Canada's BSAM organization. "People will be talking about for a long time, it is something we haven't seen on screen for a long time, something we artists are trying to create in a speculative realm."

'Black to the Future' - Afrofuturism comes to Memphis

CLOSE "Where Do We Go from Here?" Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. chose that question for the title of his final book. He answered it by recommending a number of challenges, strategies and solutions intended to reckon with the heritage and potential of black America.

Con Report: Black Speculative Arts Movement - Black Girl Nerds

There's nothing like a convention to make you wish you could pull a Multiplicity and assign a clone to see everything there is to see. The studious one could attend all of the workshops and panels while the gregarious one could bust it up in the vendor area.

Marvel's Black Panther is just the start. Why a new movement in black art is coming to Canada | CBC Arts

This weekend, Toronto will host Canada's first Black Speculative Arts Movement (BSAM) convention. For two days, OCAD University will be buzzing with exhibits, performances, vendors, workshops, panels and even a cosplay party. But what, exactly, is BSAM?

Get Ready For BSAM Philly 2016! | I Am Black Sci-Fi

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- Black Speculative Arts Movement, aka BsaM, is an annual Afrofuturism, black comics, and arts convention held at multiple colleges and universities thruought the United States.

Alternative comic con shines a spotlight on black artists and storytellers

Sure it has the powerful figures in brightly colored spandex, the panel discussions and the general sense of wonder and revelry. It even has table after table of crafts, self-published novellas and comic books. It's a comic book convention, no doubt about that.

Black Speculative Arts Movement (BSAM) 2017

Black Speculative Arts Movement, aka BSAM, is a monthly Afrofuturism, black comics, film, and arts convention held at multiple colleges, universities, museums, and other venues across the United States, Canada, and abroad.